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Boston College vs. Clemson: Final Thoughts And Predictions

Can the Eagles pull off the major upset or are we in for a tough enough?

NCAA Football: Wagner at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It’s back to ACC football for the Eagles, as the Seahawks and Bulls are now in the rear view mirror. Now standing in front of us are the Clemson Tigers, a top five team, with not only an ACC Championship in their targets, but also a National Championship. Led by Heisman candidate DeShaun Watson, Clemson is going to be the biggest challenge Boston College has faced this season. Will Steve Addazio have his team ready for the challenge or are we ready for Virginia Tech 2.0.

Five Keys To The Game: (I wrote about this earlier, so instead here are five things that could doom BC)

  1. Fall Behind Early: BC’s offense is not equipped to make up large deficits. They need to make a statement early, if Clemson jumps out to a two touchdown lead early it might be over.
  2. Dumb Penalties/Turnovers: If the offensive line gets called for multiple false starts, holding, illegal formations, they are going to get put in long yardage situations. Again, this offense may not be able to make those deficits up.
  3. Addazio Brain Farts: This is going to need to be like the USC game, a flawless game plan up front. If he spends the first half running 80,000 variations of the draw play up the middle BC is screwed.
  4. Defenders Fall Down Go Boom: A few years ago it seemed like a once a game incident where a player in the secondary would fall on a play and a wide receiver would make a huge gain. It disappeared last year, but has returned this season. Clemson doesn’t need the help.
  5. Come Out Flat: The emotions are going to be high tonight, BC can’t come out flat.

Beer of the Week

Notch Left of the Dial Session IPA: It’s October, so I went with a brewery from one of the homes of Halloween. Salem, MA. Notch, which was originally located in Ipswich moved to Salem, and has a great new brewery. They make only session beers, which sounds kind of weird, but they have a great selection of things you may not find elsewhere. This is their flagship beer, one you can find at local bars and packies and a solid choice for a Friday Night Football Game.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Beastie Boys- Sabotage. This is the perfect song choice given the situation BC is in. Clemson, their fans, writers, BC fans and anyone with a pulse have already circled the Tigers in this. This is BC’s chance to sabotage their national title plans. Hey even if they don’t, this may be one of the best music videos ever.

Pregame Food Of The Week-


Now you can go nice and simple with this and go with a plain cheeseburger. Or you can go my route and be bold with some cheddar jack cheese, bacon and jalapenos. Whatever you choose, keep that baby mooing, the grayer the meat the worst it will taste.

Fire up that BCI Prediction Machine —It’s exactly what you would expect.

Coach JF (2): 31-10 Clemson (Coach snagged the point this week, he was the closest to the actual score from the Buffalo game)

Arthur B (1): 45-0 Clemson

AJ (1): 35-7 Clemson

Laura B: 38-7 Clemson

Eric H: 24-13 Clemson

Jeff: 35-14 Clemson

Grant: 44-3 Clemson

Joe: 38-6 Clemson

BC Superfan Thermometer: 5/10.

So this is a perfect middle of the road excitement game. On the one hand I’m jacked up for a night game, the Red Bandana game, and still can’t get that “USC game” feel out of my head. Then on the other hand, the “rational” part of my brain is going, “AJ this team is going to get smooshed tonight and you’re going to spend three hours griping about Addazio”. So that’s where my emotions land, right there in the middle.

How are you feeling about this game? Excited? Dreading a stomping? Leave your thoughts in the comments. GO EAGLES!

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