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BC - Clemson: Guess The Attendance

Will Eagles-Tigers pack the joint on a Friday night?

How many orange people will show up Friday night?
How many orange people will show up Friday night?
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The #3 ranked Clemson Tigers come to town tomorrow night to face BC at 7:30 PM.  Clemson enters off a larger than life, 42-36 win over then #3 Louisville in Death Valley and now travels north for the contest against the Eagles.

Lots will be made over whether CU will suffer a let down and if the Eagles can ride their defense and take advantage of home cooking to notch a massive upset win over the highest ranked team to visit Alumni since September 20, 2003, when #2 Miami beat Tom O'Brien's Eagles 33-14, our goal here however is to figure out how many will show up to witness it.

While there are so many reasons to look at BC-Clemson 2016 as a no brainer sell out, there are just as many to suggest that this could be a disappointing turnout, particularly disappointing considering the opponent and what is at stake for them.

On the plus side:

  • #3 in the country is in town, fresh off that nationally televised win and very much in the national title picture.  Even in Boston that has to be a draw.  This ESPN article predicts an "electric" environment.
  • Deshaun Watson re-established himself as a Heisman Trophy candidate with his performance vs the Cards, so you have star power and big name team.
  • 5,000-8,000 Clemson fans are bound to find their way into the building, definitely lifting the total.
  • Attendance at games vs Top 10 teams since the stadium was expanded in 1994 has been traditionally strong. 10 games, six sellouts, only 1 sub 40K crowd (last year vs FSU - 39,111)
On the negative side:
  • General momentum of the program on the attendance front.  While the team is struggling and looking to break the ACC losing streak, we've noted the downward spiral with attendance and all the sub 30K games we've seen in the past 2-3 years.  Of  the top 10 games played under Steve Addazio, the Eagles have failed to sell out one of them, averaging 40,290.  Also, in those three plus seasons, BC has drawn over 40,000 just three times
  • It's Friday night.  We've seen non Saturday games have uneven results over the years, with some of the bigger games failing to draw the way you might hope.  Tough to get from work to campus and enjoy the event based on the timeline.  Of the first seven top 10 games at Alumni since that expansion, six sold out, the one that didn't, a Thursday night game vs #4 Virginia Tech in 2002 (42,826).
  • The Red Sox.  4:38 first pitch in Cleveland on Friday night, the city will be glued to their TV sets and although it shouldn't drastically impact student attendance, it will most certainly impact locals who might either have tickets or wish to consider walking up for the game.
  • The non Notre Dame sellout streak.  Boston College has not sold out any game period since the 2012 Notre Dame game and does not have a sellout for a non Notre Dame game since the final game of the 2007 season against Miami.
Here are those top 10 matchups and their attendance:
  • 1994 - #8 Notre Dame - WON 30-11 - 44,500 (sellout)
  • 2000 - #4 Virginia Tech - LOST 34-48 - 44,500 (sellout)
  • 2001 - #1 Miami - LOST 7-18 - 44,500 (sellout)
  • 2002 - #4 Virginia Tech - LOST 23-28 - 42,826 (Thursday night)
  • 2003 - #2 Miami- LOST 14-33 - 44,500 (sellout)
  • 2005 - #8 Florida State - LOST 17-28 - 44,500 (sellout)
  • 2012 - # 4 Notre Dame - LOST 6-21 - 44,500 (sellout)
  • 2013 - #8 Florida State - LOST 34-48 - 40,129
  • 2014 - #9 USC - WON 37-31 - 41,632
  • 2015 - #9 Florida State - LOST 0-14 - 39,111
So what do you think?  Will the Eagles bang out Alumni for something other than Notre Dame?  Will the Red Sox game have a major impact?  God forbid, will we get a sub 30K crowd for a top 10 team?