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ACC Votes To Keep Schedule At 8 League Games Plus A P5

No changes coming as ADs vote for status quo

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC had the opportunity to shake up the league today, but instead they voted to keep everything status quo:

The ruling was voted on by the conference’s ADs. BC AD Brad Bates has yet to publicly comment on this. Asked why they made this decision Duke AD Kevin White had this to say:

Yeah, that doesn’t give a lot of answers.

This is clearly pushed by the power schools (Clemson, Florida State etc) who want the ability to continue to grab major opponents. Can’t blame them for it either, if you have the ability to make those schedules, by all means do it.

However this isn’t good news for those of us who wanted to see Boston College play Coastal teams more frequently (cough Miami cough), as we will continue to have to wait long periods of time between meetings. Moving forward I don’t know if this is something the ADs will address, but for now everything is going to remain the same.