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Boston College 21 N.C. State 14: By The Numbers

What do the numbers have to say about yesterday’s win?

NCAA Football: Boston College at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some of the numbers to contemplate after yesterday’s win against the N.C. State Wolfpack:

21: First downs for the Eagles, most of the season against an ACC opponent since October 11, 2014 (N.C. State)

36:21 Total time of possession for the Eagles

23:39 Total time of possession for the Wolfpack

95: Total yards by wide receiver Jeff Smith on ten touches

11 catches 156 yards: Total catches by wide receiver Michael Walker and tight end Tommy Sweeney

19: Total receptions for the Eagles, the most in a game for BC since N.C. State in 2015 (23)

1: Where Harold Landry ranks in the country in total sacks after his 9th sack of the season against N.C. State

31: Total rushing yards by the Wolfpack

1.34 yards per rush for the Wolfpack (second worst output of the season, 1st being Louisville)

3.81 Rushing average for the Eagles

5.22 Rushing average for Eagles running backs/wide receivers (not Patrick Towles)

44: Yards in penalties, 2nd fewest by the Eagles against an ACC opponent (GT - 39)

94: Yards in penalties for the Wolfpack

700: Days between ACC wins for the Eagles. A number that can finally be sent to pasture.