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NC State Shuts Out BC Women's Soccer

The Eagles fell to the Wolfpack 1-0

BC was shut out for the first time this season when they lost to NC State last night. The Eagles continue to struggle in ACC play following a strong start to the season. They are 1-3-0 in the ACC and 9-3-1 overall.

Despite leading in shots (17 - 8) the Eagles were unable to get a win against NC State. The Wolfpack scored off of a blocked rebound just 6 minutes into the game, and neither time was able to score for the rest of the match.

NC State's goal came off of their lone shot on goal. NC State's goalie made 7 saves, 6 of which were in the first half. McKenzie Meehan led the Eagles with 3 shots on goal. Gaby Carreiro also had a strong game, recording two shots for BC both of which were shots on goal.

The Eagles will look for the second ACC win on October 6 when they take on 4th ranked FSU at 7 PM in Newton.