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Who Are BC Players Thanking For Their Win?

Grooooveeeee St.

NCAA Football: Boston College at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College went to Raleigh today and snapped their 700 day losing streak with a stunning 21-14 win over the N.C. State Wolfpack. The players clearly were excited about their win, as they should be, and went to Twitter shortly after the game to rejoice with fans and friends.

But who are the players thanking for their monumental victory. Is it Steve Addazio? Nope. Family Members? Nope. How about Will Farrell or Mike Pence, both of whom were at the game? Negative.

The answer would be rapper Waka Flaka Flame, a rapper who’s song “Grove St. Party” apparently got the players ready for the game today.

Quarterback Patrick Towles aluded to the song that got the players jacked up before and after the game:

Linebacker Connor Strachan thanked Waka on Twitter for inspiring the players to their victory today:

Elijah Robinson didn’t get into the game on offense, but even he was thankful to the rapper:

And of course running back Myles Willis, who is from Waka’s home state of Georgia:

And if you don’t care about rap, there was Davon Jones, who had the lone passing touchdown for the Eagles who let everyone know what he was thinking: