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Steve Addazio: "We've played a tough schedule"


Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Can't make this stuff up. You really can't. Emphasis added.

"We've played a tough schedule, the way our schedule is configured this year," head coach Steve Addazio said on this week's ACC media call. "It's been hard, herky-jerky in terms of establishing some momentum, but that's not going to change, and they know that. So we've just got to dig in each week and try to get better and try to develop and find a win, and I think you're going to see a very physical, hard-fighting football team, which is what you have seen."

Hate to pick nits here Coach, but:

  • You've played seven games this year, including home games against a noted 19th century German composer and Buffalo, as well as a virtual home game against Massachusetts. A home date with Connecticut rounds out the non-conference slate later this year; one widely regarded as one of the lightest in the nation for a Power 5 school.
  • Seriously though all four of this year's non-conference opponents were participating at the Division I-AA level 20 years ago.
  • Staved off any jetlag from the Ireland trip with a week 2 matchup against ... Massachusetts.
  • Had a perfectly timed bye week which fell on a day six games in -- the exact midpoint of the season. Had two weeks to prepare to beat a thoroughly mediocre Syracuse team that was BEGGING FOR YOU TO WIN THE GAME and yet still couldn't.
  • Faced the best team on the schedule to date (Clemson) at home on a Friday night.
  • Also have yet to face the second best team in the conference in Louisville. That game is also at home.

Stop making excuses.

Even guys sitting in their boxer shorts can see through this one.