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Boston College vs. NC State: Final Thoughts And Predictions

The Eagles are on the road, can they get their first ACC win?

NCAA Football: Buffalo at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to pack up the bags and get on the road, as the Eagles continue their search for their first ACC win since November of 2014. This week they have the N.C. State Wolfpack, a team that was a missed field goal away from beating Clemson, but is licking their wounds after getting pounded by Louisville last weekend. How will both teams rebound after losses? We shall see tomorrow.

Keys To Victory

  1. Limit the “Derp” Moments: When I think back to 2013/14, the good ole’ years I remember that Addazio and his team didn’t make so many mental mistakes. Certainly they weren’t perfect, but every game in the past two years has had a moment that was very questionable. BC can’t afford to have those.
  2. Limit Third Down Conversions: This defense needs to make sure that the Wolfpack isn’t giving them fits on third down. Get them off the field.
  3. Tommy Sweeney Where Art Thou?: This spring he looked like he could become that pass catching tight end that BC has not had since Chris Pantale. BC struggles mightily with the short and intermediate passes, and he could be the answer.
  4. Keep The Play Action Rolling: It seems like most of BC’s pass attempts come from the play action, but most need to. But a favor, if you are going to do that, you have to have more than one wide receiver out there to run a route. BC’s wideouts have not shown that they can consistently get open, and just having one run a route on a passing play seems like a very low percentage play in terms of success.
  5. Don’t Play Scared: I’m just going to leave this on here for the remainder of the season.

Beer of the Week

If you want to drink a pumpkin beer, at least drink a good one. This bad boy is certainly one of the best. Far, far, far, far superior to Pumpkinhead or “Bud Light with Pumpkin Spice dumped in it” as I like to call it, this is expensive but very worth it. Just great taste, high alcohol content, and one of Shipyard’s best offerings.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Jay Z: 99 Problems. This song seems oddly appropriate this week. I don’t know why. But enjoy!

AJ’s 99.9% Positive Thought Of The Week:

I really like watching Myles Willis play. Every time he returns a kick or punt he has the opportunity to take it out the house. He’s a great kid, a great representative of the school, and a joy to watch. Good luck this week Myles!

Pregame Food Of The Week-

So this is a dual threat food item here. First off, you can cook these bad boys at home, and easily transport to a tailgate. Warm food, upcoming November games, bada bing you got an easy meal. Secondly, watching the N.C. State game at home? Crock pot this bad boy, invite some friends over, and you’re all set. But for the love of Betty Crocker, make your own meatballs, none of that frozen bagged nonsense.

Fire up that BCI Prediction Machine (it’s a sweep across the board this week)

Coach JF (3): 27-10 NC State (Coach only missed by a few points, so he gets the point, and is starting to run away with this!)

Arthur B (1): 28-0 Pack

AJ (1): 35-17 N.C. State

Grant (1): 27-13 NC State

Eric H: 31-17 N.C State

Laura B: 31-17 N.C. State

Jeff: 24-17 N.C. State

Joe: 99.9 - 0 Boston College

BC Superfan Thermometer: 2/10.

The malaise has hit the fanbase, and this one is on the road meaning more people probably aren’t going to pay attention to it. Have a feeling more fans will be carving pumpkins or getting their Halloween costume ready than watching this one. Are you going to watch, or you done for the season?

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