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Patrick Towles Status Unknown For NC State Game, Anthony Brown To Suit Up?

Could a redshirt be burned?

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In his weekly press conference on Monday, Head Coach Steve Addazio said that the status of quarterback Pat Towles is unknown for Saturday’s game against N.C State. During the presser he said:

“Well, he's not fine. I mean, he's got the pull, which we said postgame, and it's early. Today is Monday, and the game was Saturday. He was out there yesterday. I think he's feeling better every day. I think with those injuries, it's always a racing the clock a little bit, and it's hard to really tell when you're through with those. They run their course, and they're all different.

But sometimes you've got to be careful with them, too, because if you -- they can linger or you can reaggravate them, which usually means that you double your time to get them back. We're going to do what's in the best interest of Patrick and for his health and not put him in risk, and we'll play it day by day. I really honestly -- it's going to be day by day. I mean, that's the truth. I mean, it's going to be day by day, whether we'll have him or we won't have him, but he looks pretty good. He looks right now pretty good.”

So it sounds like Towles may be available, but hamstring injuries are tricky. All it takes is one tweak to set him back. But if Towles was unable to play, that would mean that Darius Wade would be starting, which would be exciting, we haven’t been able to see what he could do in a full game since last year (and that really doesn’t count).

Addazio also addressed who the backup could be if Towles is unable to play, which would be true freshman Anthony Brown. So far he has been redshirted this season, but according to Addazio, if an emergency popped up he would be pushed into action. At this point in the season not sure how Brown is a better option than say John Fadule, someone who has experience with the system. I’d much rather see Fadule than burning Brown’s redshirt, but there may be other reasons why Addazio is making that choice that he didn’t talk about.

Hopefully this will all be a moot point and Wade/Towles will be ready for Saturday.