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Positivity Kernels: 10 Things To Be Optimistic About For Boston College Athletics

We’re going to start off the week happy!

Gasson Hall

So, Boston College football seems to be headed toward another disastrous season. Not good. BC’s 28-20 loss to Syracuse felt like the knockout blow for BC’s bowl chances this season, and the torches and pitchforks are out in a big way.

But hey, it’s a Monday morning, so let’s start off with some positivity, shall we? BC fandom is challenging, but BC athletics occasionally gives us kernels of optimism that we can save up to make a whole bowl of popcorn.

Let’s go!

  1. Jerry York: As long as Jerry York is still behind the bench for Boston College hockey, we can feel confident that the sun is going to come up tomorrow. He’s the best.
  2. The 2017 home football schedule is gonna be great: Florida State and Notre Dame are coming to town. So while BC fans might remain in rebellion (especially depending on what happens with the coaching staff), the allure of the visiting teams will probably increase attendance next year. (I’ll take it!)
  3. BC Men’s Soccer is in good shape to make the NCAA Tournament: The ACC being the ACC, BC’s 6-6-2 record is good enough to be #20 in the RPI, giving the Eagles a great chance to make the NCAA tournament. BC has two regular season games left, facing UMass-Lowell on Tuesday then wrapping up the ACC slate next weekend against NC State.
  4. Anthony Brown is waiting in the wings: Darius Wade is an option for BC at quarterback next year, but we also have dual-threat Anthony Brown waiting in the wings. If he lives up to his billing he could be the QB of the future for the next several years. A QB alone won’t transform BC’s offense but it’s certainly a great starting point.
  5. You’ve still got a chance to watch McKenzie Meehan play live*: Meehan, one of the best BC women’s soccer players ever, wraps up her home career on Thursday night against Syracuse. 10-7-1 BC needs a strong finish to the regular season to ensure a tournament berth, sitting at #54 in the RPI. A win over ‘Cuse could go a long way toward making that happen.
  6. Myles Willis’s touchdown: Myles Willis is one of the most likeable players to come through BC in recent years, and his return TD was one of the feel-good moments of the season. I’m hoping to see some more big moments from him as his senior season churns along.
  7. BC Hockey’s freshmen are doing better than expected: The much-ballyhooed young superstars are at BU this year, not BC - but the Eagle freshmen have proved to be no slouches so far this season. Luke McInnis and Mike Booth hit the back of the net against Holy Cross, while goalie Joe Woll is looking like the real deal.
  8. Speaking of hockey, the women’s team got back on track over the weekend: The Eagles took a win and a draw over the weekend against #4 Quinnipiac, bouncing back from the previous weekend’s tough loss against Maine. BC proved they can still outplay and beat any team in the East, and can carry that confidence forth in to the rest of the conference season.
  9. BC basketball is going to be better this year: We talked about why last week. There’s a bit of optimism percolating around the team right now as some solid new additions and a more seasoned group of returning players should help BC be more competitive. Speaking of which...
  10. That next ACC win in football or men’s hoops is gonna be sweet: It’s a stretch, but I’ll take it - I seriously thought students should have stormed the field if BC beat Syracuse on Saturday. I’m not sure BC is going to win a conference football game this year, but I’m confident they will in hoops, and when that happens - go crazy folks! Seriously, enjoy it.

*We are hearing she might be hurt so maybe look past this one