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Boston College vs. Syracuse: Final Thoughts And Predictions

Who you got in this edition of an old Big East rivalry?

NCAA Football: Clemson at Boston College Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The bye week is over, and the Eagles are preparing for that epic matchup with Syracuse, a team with a new coach and a high flying offense. The Orange are feeling good, fresh off their win against #17 Virginia Tech last week. Can Boston College turn their season around on Saturday, or will the dreaded ACC drought continue?

Keys To Victory

  1. Strike First: Momentum is going to be key for this game. If BC can go out there and not only set the tone either with a big defensive stop, or a long drive that ends with scoring, I could see the Eagles controlling the tempo of the game. But if Syracuse scores quick, and BC stalls, that’ll be no bueno.
  2. Catch the dang ball: Pro Football Focus had an eye opening stat this week, the Eagles are dead last in drops this year, meaning Patrick Towles has more passes dropped than any other QB in football. BC’s offense can’t give up yards like that.
  3. Cut Down On YACs Allowed: Syracuse throws the ball, and gets rid of it very quickly meaning they are going to move the ball. Syracuse throws a ton of short passes, and watching the VT game it seemed like most of the yardage came after the catch. Their WRs are very quick, but what BC is going to need to do it is make those tackles at the point of attack.
  4. Flip The Field: Mike Knoll has struggled on his punts the past two weeks averaging just north of 30 yards per punt. Make Syracuse march down the field, pin them deep.
  5. Cut Down On The Runs For Losses: These have been absolute killers for BC in games past. They don’t have the offense to move the ball effectively if they are looking at 2nd and 14 or what have you. Of course this is dictated by two things in my opinion, making the play calls less predictable, and the offensive line making holes. Both of those are going to be crucial .

Beer Drink of the Week

The Screwdriver. Look folks we are beyond that point in the season where simple beer is going to work. We need to bring out the heavy guns. Take some nice orange juice, pour a heavy amount of vodka into said juice and voila you have a drink that will make you ready for this game. Of course went with the Screwdriver for Saturday because of the Syracuse and Orange connection, but I’m guessing you already figured that one out.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

NWA: Express Yourself. I was thinking with Syracuse being “New York’s Football Team” I would pick an East Coast rapper, but Syracuse is to NYC as Siberia is to Moscow. So forget that. NWA, the group that started it all, with a song title that should be what we are all feeling. We can “express” ourselves if they win, with the weight of the winless ACC off of our chests, or we can “express” ourselves in “other” ways if BC loses again.

Pregame Food Of The Week-

If heroin was a candy, it would be this. Seriously, put a bowl of these out at your next tailgate and see how quickly they go. I want to stop eating them, but physically I am unable to stop.

Fire up that BCI Prediction Machine

Coach JF (2): 30-23 Syracuse. It’s all confidence. Orange have it, Eagles don’t.

Arthur B (1): 26-7 Syracuse.

AJ (1): 34-10 Syracuse

Grant (1): 20-10 Boston College (Grant gets a point for predicting BC would get clobbered against Clemson, but also score points)

Laura B: 27-17 Syracuse

Eric H: 27-20 Boston College

Jeff: 22-21 Boston College

Joe: 27-17 Syracuse

BC Superfan Thermometer: 7/10.

This might be the most exciting game of the year, that might quickly turn into the most depressing game of the year. Who knows what is going to happen. Will BC turn into Cinderella and be invited to the ball, or will they turn back into a giant pumpkin? Honestly, it should be a very telling game on the future of this program.

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