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Two Minute Drill: Talking Syracuse, And A Struggling BC Squad

What do Eric and AJ have to say about this weekend’s matchup?

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

AJ Black: Alright Eric, we are back, the bye week is over, and looking at BC is an upstart Syracuse squad that is high off of their win against #17 Virginia Tech. How important of a win was the for the Orange and do you think there could be a let down after an emotional win like that?

Eric: There’s no doubt that it was a huge win for the Orange and it was the first time that they have beaten a ranked opponent since 2012. I think anytime a college team pulls off an upset like that there is a letdown factor. It’s not like Syracuse football has had many big wins in this decade. I think it’s a huge reason why BC comes in as a favorite in this game.

AJ, what worries you the most about this upcoming matchup?

AJ: If you read my interview over at Troy Nunes yesterday there were quite a few things that made me worry about this upcoming matchup. First and foremost I worry about the defense. The one thing I haven’t seen this year out of them is the ability to neutralize a fast paced offense. They don’t look nearly as aggressive against those types of offenses, and look very bland. That coupled with the offense’s inability to do much of anything makes this a game that has disaster written all over it.

Eric, am I worrying too much about this, or are you feeling the same?

Eric: I can’t believe that I’m going to say this but I think you are a little too worried about the BC offense. Look, the BC offense has not been good this season but a good cure for that is going up against a defense that is allowing 33 points per game and ranked last in total defense. Even UConn, which has probably the ugliest offense I’ve watched this season hung 24 on Syracuse. If BC’s offense can’t put up 24 points or more this weekend then it is an absolute crime.

I think your concerns are valid about the BC defense. The unit hasn’t faired well against fast paced offenses or really any offenses that have a competent quarterback. It’s time for the BC defense to live up to the preseason hype and the bar set by last year’s unit.

AJ, if BC is going to pull this off and win their first ACC game in almost two years, what are they going to need to do?

AJ: Addazio said it during his radio show this week, they are going to need to control the clock. Look, I’m not a huge fan of this “pound the rock” and control the clock type of mentality, because as we have seen the last two years, BC hasn’t been able to translate that into points. BC is going to need to sustain some long drives on Saturday that don’t end with them shooting themselves in the foot. Syracuse’s defense is suspect (113th in the country), so they should be able to score some points. The question remains, will Addazio be content to try and jam the ball down their throat, which usually fails, or will he give Patrick Towles and Co a chance to make a few plays. I think the first possession will be very telling, if we see Jon Hilliman barreling (or trying to) up the middle, it could spell disaster.

Eric, last question. If BC loses on Saturday, what should the program do for the remainder of the season?

Eric: That’s a loaded question. In terms of playing younger guys or something like that I don’t see an obvious situation except for Wade playing over Towles and there is no way Addazio is going to do that with his job on the line.

You hear a lot of fans screaming to fire Addazio ASAP but last time I checked, Brad Bates is still the AD in what is appears to be a lame duck situation. Doesn’t the school have to take care of that situation first?

No Huddle

AJ: Dino Babers as mentioned before had his signature win on Saturday. Who has been the most impressive new coach this year?

Eric: That win on Saturday was great but I like what Mark Richt has done with Miami even if they are in a little funk at the moment. AJ, who has been the most disappointing new coach

AJ: I have to go with Kirby Smart of Georgia. Even with Nick Chubb and a some decent weapons he has barely defeated an FCS school, let Tennessee win on a hail mary, and lost to Vanderbilt

Final question Eric, Boston College’s football head coach in 2017 will be?

Eric: Tom Coughlin. Sometimes you just have to dream right?