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ESPN FPI Gives BC Slim Odds Of Making Bowl

The statistical analysis shows that the path will be tough for BC

NCAA Football: Clemson at Boston College Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

After watching Boston College get disemboweled by Clemson on Friday, it’s hard to imagine that the Eagles could technically still be bowl eligible. Well if you doubted that BC will make it to a bowl, ESPN’s FPI index would agree with you.

The FPI, or Football Power Index looks at every matchup and gives it a probability of wins. Looking ahead at BC’s schedule, the FPI only has two more games that BC should win, that being Syracuse (yay an ACC win), and UConn. The other four games look pretty grim, with Louisville, Florida State, NC State and Wake Forest all under 30% in win probability. The Cardinals and FSU are almost certain losses, with both having under 5% chances of victory.

The FPI gives BC a 22% chance to get those six wins they would need to be bowl eligible. If the rest of the season plays out, that would leave Boston College at 5-7, and most likely staying at home for the bowl season. Though, to the chagrin of our fans, there is always a possibility that a five win team could make a bowl if the selection committee can’t find enough eligible teams.

But also looking ahead, would five wins save Steve Addazio’s job? True he has a contract extension that most likely will guarantee him a big payout if he is canned, but if BC wins two more games, and gets steamrolled in the other four, will the powers that be keep him around?