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New Mexico State Hires Former Boston College Head Coach Frank Spaziani As Defensive Coordinator

Spaz, now with Aggievision!

Former Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani has found a home, and it will in Los Cruces, New Mexico:

This move makes a lot of sense, as he will be joining his friend Doug Martin who was the offensive coordinator of the Eagles in 2012. This move had been rumored for some time.

Spaz, was last head coach of the Eagles in 2012, when they finished a putrid 2-10. He took over the Boston College position in 2009 after Jeff Jagodzinski was fired for interviewing for the New York Jets position. In his time at the Heights, he finished his career at BC with a 21-29 record. Before that time he was a defensive coordinator for the Eagles, heading some solid squads.

Since his firing from Boston College, Spaz has laid low. He signed an extension with BC before his firing, so most likely he was still getting paid. With his free time he could have watched his son at UVA who is currently at walk on quarterback.