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Boston College Basketball vs. Notre Dame: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Eagles look to stay above .500.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

After a highly anticipated matchup against the Duke Blue Devils, the Boston College Eagles take on rival Notre Dame Thursday at Conte Forum.

Did BC Win Last Time Out?

What To Watch For:

  1. Strong Offense: Notre Dame's adjusted offense is fourth in the country, and all five players who have started all 13 games for the Irish average double digit points. Notre Dame's field goal percentage is also just shy of 50% (.495). BC's defense will have its hands full.
  2. Discipline: The Irish have taken a total of 191 personal fouls over 13 games. That's an average of 14.7 fouls per game. Breaking it down even further, the Irish have taken 7.3 fouls per half. As a method of comparison, the Eagles have taken 48 fouls over the past two games. That's 24 fouls a game and 12 fouls per half. It is tricky for the Irish to take fouls, so that should be on the Eagles' radar.
  3. Keep Up The Improvement: The Eagles performance on Saturday was not perfect. Yet, there was a lot to build off of in the Eagles quest for team building. The Eagles can either keep progress moving forward or take a step back. Keeping progress for this game will be critical.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Notre Dame's Wikipedia Page

The business school at Notre Dame is called the Mendoza School of Business.

Definitely Not Correct, Really Corny Joke About the Fact From Notre Dame's Wikipedia Page

The average GPA in the business school is called the Mendoza line. If you have a GPA above the average, your GPA is above the Mendoza line. If you have a GPA below the average, you are below the Mendoza line.

Players To Watch

Zach Auguste: (leads team with 9.8 rpg)

Demetrius Jackson: (leads team with 16.8 ppg)

Matt Farrell (.909 free throw percentage)

Non-Alcoholic Beverage of the Game

I eat a copious amount of applesauce when I am at school. I don't know what it is about applesauce, but it is so addicting.

Be right back.

Rating The Leprechaun



Can BC Win This Game?

I don't know. There's something about this game that is intriguing.

Young Man Yelling At A Cloud

(inspired by The Simpsons)

I'm looking to buy Dropkick Murphys tickets for late March. What is perplexing to me is for what venue to buy them. I'm inclined to buy tickets to the Saturday concert at Agganis Arena. The issue is that I went to a concert for a BC band first semester (Juice. Check them out, they are a fantastic concert) at Middle East and something was confounding to me. The venue was very much like a city club should be, in that it was not glamorous in any way. That added so much for the concert. Yet, I'm really short (like 5'4"), and a large crowd will likely ruin the experience for me. What we as Americans should do is invest in step stools for all undersized concertgoers. Impractical? Yes. Necessary? You bet.

Final Thoughts And Predictions

I have a lot more confidence in a good effort from the Eagles. I know Notre Dame is good, but something tells me that this game will be close. But the Eagles will not be victorious.

70-60 ND

Writer Pick Explanation Points
Arthur 70-55 ND

I will be on press row. 11
Joe 88-81 ND

The Blogfather gets the extra point for being closest to the spread.


70-61 ND


80-62 ND


84-68 ND

Notre Dame is #32 in the KenPom rankings. Boston College is 191. The Irish also have the fourth best "adjusted offense" in the nation, which means they're probably not losing this game. In reality, they lost to a sneaky good Monmouth team (who has the greatest bench celebrations after baskets ever) and an underrated Alabama team. They also lost to Indiana and Virginia, both of whom are better than BC.

Laura 73-67 ND

John "Coach" Fidler 76-69 ND Eagles keep it close, but just can't score enough to keep up with Irish. 10
Caleb 75-65 ND
Kwani N/A *crickets 1
Jeff N/A *crickets* 0
Bridget N/A *crickets* 0
Brian N/A


Eric 78-67 ND