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Boston College Football 2016 Schedule: Cheers And Jeers

What did you like and dislike about this schedule?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 schedule is out and there is a lot to dissect here. I'm not going to comment on the out of conference teams and schedule, because we have talked about that ad nauseam. And yes, that includes the FCS cupcake Wagner.

Let's take a look at the positives and negatives from the news that came out today.


Syracuse In October: I know that there is going to be a lot of grumbling associated with this move, but honestly I think it's good to move the game away from Thanksgiving Weekend. It's hard to grow a rivalry when the students are on break and many of the fans are doing family things that don't involve football. Moving the game will help foster that and hey, what better game for rivalry weekend than #TheRivalry with Wake Forest?

BC Doesn't Burn Most Of Their Home Games In September: As a season ticket holder one of my biggest beefs was having 4-5 home games in a row in September, and then a smattering for the final two months. BC gets an early game that basically counts as a home game (UMass), but moves some of the home games later in the schedule.

Perfectly Placed Open Date: One of the worst parts of the 2015 slate was the absurdly late bye week. This year we get one smack dab in the middle of the schedule. Good for healing, and a break for the team.

Wagner On Parent's Weekend: FCS opponents aren't great for attendance. Parent's weekend is notorious for getting parents to the game, but having them leave for dinner reservations by the third quarter. So theoretically you get more fans in the stands, and they can leave right after halftime, which fans usually do for an FCS cupcake.

Publicity: Let's make some lemonade out of lemons here, with three unconventional games (Two Fridays, and the game in Ireland) BC will be on ESPN at least three times. Locally they will get some good press with games against UMass and UConn.


Two Friday Night Games: I hate Friday night games, and I especially hate that BC has their two marquee matchups on Friday nights. Tough for fans, not a big night for those who watch the games.

FSU 6 Days After Louisville: This is a brutal stretch for the Eagles. Not only do the Eagles get these two back to back, but they get the Seminoles less than six days after facing the Doak Stadium. Going to really show what this team is made of.

No Home Game Until September 24: True, BC has a "home" game in Ireland, and also has another home game against UMass at Gillette, but no games on campus until late September is pretty rough. Thinking in terms of recruiting, not having prospective recruits on campus could be hurtful to the recruiting as many kids want to see what a home game looks like and want to see it early. I know I said early that I liked that there weren't too many September home games, I just wished that there was an earlier one.

Red Bandana Game? Not sure how BC is going to add this to the schedule this year. Will they wait and use them against Clemson in October?