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Three Stars of the Week: Colin White Leads A Hockey-Filled Pack

Two easy picks, then a tough one

The top two choices in this week's Three Stars of the Week were easy (though the order was debatable). The third choice was a little up in the air.

#1 Star: Colin White, men's hockey. 12 points, 2 first place votes

How important is Colin White to this year's BC hockey team? All he does is come back from Finland midweek, plop back in to the lineup, score a hat trick, and fuel the Eagles to their best offensive performance of the season, a slump-busting 7-3 win over the defending national champions. No big deal. Colin White has crept his way in to the top 7 nationally in points per game and I suspect he may continue to move up that list.

#2 Star: Haley Skarupa, women's hockey. 10 points, 3 first place votes

Controversy! Scandal! Haley Skarupa scored all 4 BC goals in a 4-3 Eagle win over Boston University, and as such was voted in first place on most BC Interruption three stars ballots. However, like Pedro Martinez in the '99 MVP vote, she was #snubbed by enough others to fall to the #2 star. May this be motivation for Skarupa to score like 14 goals this weekend against Merrimack.

#3 Star: Ian Milosz, men's hockey. 7 points.

A month ago, Milosz was a player for the Junior Bruins. Today, he still hasn't taken his first class at Boston College yet (that should happen on Tuesday or Wednesday), and yet he's 1-0-1 as an NCAA goalie and set a mark for most saves by a BC goalie this season in Saturday's wild 4-4 tie at Providence. Pretty cool story. Milosz may be called upon again this weekend depending on Thatcher Demko's health.

Honorable mentions:

#4 Scot Loeffler (3 points/1 first place vote) - A vote came in for BC's new offensive coordinator. Hey, did you know he knows Tom Brady?

#5 Mariella Fasoula (2 points) - The WBB freshman led the team in scoring in their win over Yale on Sunday.

#6 Will Blackmon (2 points) - Blackmon had 8 tackles in defeat against the Green Bay Packers

Updated Three Stars of the Year Standings

1. Alex Carpenter, 17 points (4 staff wins) (3 fan wins)
2. Eli Carter, 9 points (2 staff wins) (1 fan win)
3. Matt Gaudreau, 8 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
3. McKenzie Meehan, 8 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
5. Colin White, 8 points (1 staff win)
6. Simon Enstrom, 6 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
7. Trevor Davock, 5 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
7. Mariella Fasoula, 5 points, (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
9. Haley Skarupa, 5 points
10. Bobby Swigert, 4 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
10. Zeiko Lewis, 4 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
12. Teddy Doherty, 4 points
12. Jerome Robinson, 4 points
14. Kam McLain, 3 points (1 staff win)
14. Thadd Smith, 3 points (1 staff win)
14. Eryn McCoy, 3 points (1 staff win)
14. Makenna Newkirk, 3 points (1 staff win)
14. Johnny Gaudreau, 3 points (1 staff win)
19. Harold Landry, 3 points (1 fan win)
19. Thatcher Demko, 3 points (1 fan win)
19. Steven Daniels, 3 points (1 fan win)
22. John Johnson, 2 points
22. AshLeigh Sebia, 2 points
22. Emily McCoy, 2 points
22. Tom Coughlin, 2 points
26. The entire BC football defense, 1 point (1 fan win)
26. Alex Howell, 1 point (1 fan win)
28. Tyler Rouse, 1 point
28. Jeff Smith, 1 point
28. Katty Workman, 1 point
28. Kevin Kavalec, 1 point
28. Austin Cangelosi, 1 point
28. Kelcie Hromisin, 1 point
28. Miles Wood, 1 point
28. Justin Simmons, 1 point
28. Don Brown, 1 point
28. Katie King Crowley, 1 point
28. Ian Milosz, 1 point

Who was your #1 star this week? Leave your thoughts below.