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How To Support The #MeowsternBias Beanpot Fundraiser

Help Eastern Bias and BC Interruption support a local cat shelter by participating in the #MeowsternBias Fundraiser

On Sunday, January 31 at 11:30 AM, the day before the Beanpot gets underway, the Eastern Bias hockey podcast will do its first ever live video-streamed show, broadcasting live from the Gifford Cat Shelter in Brighton. The Eastern Bias crew will comprehensively preview every men's and women's Beanpot matchup, with guests and analysis about each team, culminating in live #CatPredictions for each game.

More importantly, the show will be used as a telethon of sorts for the #MeowsternBias fundraiser, an attempt to combine the joys of the Beanpot with help for a worthy local nonprofit. From the Shelter's site: "The mission of Gifford Cat Shelter is to provide a safe haven for abandoned, stray, abused, neglected, unwanted and injured cats with the goal of re-homing and ending the needless killing of community and companion cats.

Founded in 1884 and sponsored by Ellen Gifford, the shelter was a pioneer in creating an environment that did not confine animals to small, movement-restricting cages. Originally a shelter for all animals, Gifford eventually became a shelter for cats."

Here's how it works:

1. Visit our pledge page at

2. Fill out the form and make a pledge based on an event that could happen in the Beanpot. You can stick to boilerplate things ($ per goal, $ per win) or use your imagination and get creative. For instance, Joe's pledges are:

-$5 per BU goal allowed in the Beanpot
-$10 per BC win in the Beanpot
-$19.88 every time Northeastern doesn't win the Beanpot

You could donate per shot on goal by your favorite player, donate per penalty minute by your favorite overly aggressive BC player, donate per amount of times small children get booed on the jumbotron because they're wearing BC or BU shirts, etc. Feel free to get creative.

3. Eastern Bias will tally up the donation amounts owed for each individual as well as the total that our drive has raised overall

4. You make a secure, tax deductible donation to the shelter based on your pledge amount.

Get it? Got it? Good. Visit Eastern Bias's website or Twitter to stay caught up on the latest episodes, bringing you Hockey East talk each and every week. Visit the Gifford Cat Shelter's website or Twitter to learn more about their work. Thank you for listening, and thanks for your support.