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Boston College Football Coaching Changes: What's Next For Todd Fitch?

With a new offensive coordinator ready to be named, what do the Eagles do with Todd Fitch?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Former Temple/Auburn/Virginia Tech coach Scot Loeffler, as reported here, will be named the new offensive coordinator of the Boston College Eagles. With Loeffler taking over as OC, the biggest question has to do with 2015 OC Todd Fitch. What will the Eagles do with him now that his position has been taken over? Let's look at some of the options:

1. Have Fitch Coach The Wide Receivers: This is the role Fitch played for BC in 2013 and 2014. Since he was just re-assigned to offensive coordinator after Day left, he could simply be put back as the WR coach. Currently Brian White is coaching the wide receivers, but could he take the position of special teams coach after the departure of Coleman Hutzler? He has the experience, as he coached ST's for Washington in 2008.

2. Have him Co-OC with Scott Loeffler (along with coaching WR's): Don't like this idea one bit. With the possibility of three coaches meddling with the offense, that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Too many cooks in the kitchen. However, if Addazio doesn't want to insult Fitch, this may be the choice he ends up running with. Cross your fingers that he doesn't.

3. Fire Fitch: This wouldn't make a lot of sense for the Eagles, as Fitch has done a pretty good job so far recruiting for the Eagles in Florida. His connections in that state have opened the doors for recruits like Jeff Smith, Wyatt Knopfke, and Ty Schwab. If Addazio wants to keep Brian White on WR's and doesn't have a spot for Fitch, though, this may have to be the option.

At this point option one seems to be what are sources are telling us will happen. But of course with no official word out yet, we can only speculate.