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Boston College GIF of the Year: BEST OF THE BEST

GIF it your best shot

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

That's it, ring the bell, it's all over!

GIF it up for your 2016 Boston College GIF of the Year: No Option! In the end, it was close, but the double-teaming of the Irish came out ahead. No Option went up against another BC football defense clip in the finals, but there's something extra special about making Notre Dame look bad.

And now, as is tradition, we will pit our 2016 champion against the reigning Best Of The Best Boston College GIF:

2016 Tournament Winner: No Option

Welcome to the party, No Option. Punch and Pie. Impressive GIF, no doubt. But is it the best GIF of all time in the history of GIFs?

2012 Tournament Winner and Reigning Best Of The Best Champion: The Goal

Ah, an elite opponent for an elite GIF. Johnny Gaudreau's NCAA championship-winning goal against Ferris State was something to behold. This GIF has reigned as The Greatest GIF Of All Time Ever since 2012, and it will be a tough GIF to topple.

So who you got? Which GIF will return next year to defend the title of Greatest GIF Of All Time Ever?

As is always the case, you have 24 hours to cast your vote.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who participated in our annual tournament. Hopefully you all enjoyed it. It's always a nice little diversion as we endure the agonizing trudge toward football season. Just a few short weeks to go!