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Boston College 2016 GIF Of The Year Tournament: Nominations


Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Can you believe it's already time for the fourth annual BCI GotY tournament?? Where has the time gone!

As the dog days of summer heat up, and we start to feel the itch for the return of BC football, there's nothing that helps pass the time like voting on moving pictures. It's safe to say that this is the most important vote of the year in America, if not the world.

As always, we have three simple rules:

1) The GIF must have something to do with Boston College. It does not necessarily have to be athletics related, and the connection to BC can be fairly loose. Former Eagles in the pros are eligible, for example.

2) The GIF must be from the past academic year (2015-2016).



I will also note that with the evolution of The Internet and there being more (and sometimes better) formats to store moving pictures than there used to be, entries don't have to be in .GIF format. So, we'll add a 4th rule:

4) In order to qualify, any entry must (a) loop and (b) have no audio.

Nominations will be accepted until the tournament kicks off next week. If you have any nominations that do not meet rule #4 (such as a Vine or a Twitter video), but can be converted so that they do, I'll do the conversion for you, if it's possible.

Who's excited?? I'm pretty excited.