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Boston College GIF of the Year: Quarterfinals, Matchup #4

The GIF of gab

Elsa/Getty Images

Can you believe that after today we'll already be through the first two rounds of the 2016 GIF of the Year tournament?

Today's matchup is the final bout of the quarterfinals, and we'll be left with just four GIFs to battle it out for GIF supremacy.

Yesterday's matchup was yet another close one, with CeeLo Daz taking the victory over Haley Skarupa and the BC women's hockey team. That means that only BC football and BC men's hockey will be represented in the Final Four.

Here's your last matchup of the quarterfinals. Who you got?

Flying V

Last week's vote between Angry Daz and Flying V went down to the wire. In the end, it was Flying V that earned the win, but only by a single vote. Can this GIF carry the momentum from its close win to make it to the semifinals?

No Option

No Option had a somewhat easier go of it against Alex Tuch's Beanpot winner, earning the 58-42 decision, but as the comments section noted, both GIFs could have very well won the whole thing.

Here's your updated bracket:

This vote will end at 9am on Friday. We'll be back on Monday and Tuesday for the semifinals, Wednesday for the championship, and Thursday for our annual "Best of the Best" vote.

Get out the vote!