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Boston College GIF of the Year: Quarterfinals, Matchup #2

GIF me just one night (una noche)

Elsa/Getty Images

We're back!

Yesterday's quarterfinal started out pretty close, but in the end there was no contest as Austin Cangelosi's shootout goal against BU easily took care of Colin White's chirp by over a two to one margin.

Let's keep things moving right along.

Birdball Wins The Region

BC baseball's GIF, much like it's real world counterpart, has a real chance to stay alive deep into this tournament. Their win in the third Octofinals matchup was a blowout, with Birdball taking the 81-19 win over a beautiful dangle by Colin White.

Get Off Me

Steven Daniels is a manimal. This GIF is really a piece of art, blowing up that lineman and earning the TFL. The fourth Octofinals matchup was an even bigger blowout than the last one, with Daniels earning a 84-16 win over Alex Carpenter's gold medal score against Canada.

Here's the bracket:

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