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Boston College GIF of the Year: Octofinals, Matchup #8

GIF me baby one more time

Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

We've made it! The final set of GIFs for the prestigious 2016 BC Interruption Boston College GIF of the Year Tournament.

Sixteen GIFs enter, but only one can be victorious. Last night's penultimate Octofinals matchup between Steve Addazio's headset spike and BC Hockey's Flying V was one of the closest of the tournament thus far, but in the end it was the hockey dudes who eeked out a win by the tiniest of margins.

And so, here we are, with the final two entries for the bracket.

Let's get it on.

Tuch Wins The Beanpot

This year's Beanpot was legendary, with a fierce, all-out assault by both teams for over 60 minutes, ended only by Alex Tuch's laser of a wrist shot for the only goal of the game.

No Option

BCI commenter Botulizard nominated this GIF, and it is a beauty. Connor Strachan and Matt Milano planted both potential Notre Dame ball carriers before the play even had a chance to happen.

As the source Vine captioned it, "when neither option is really an option."


If anyone has a better source video for this GIF, let me know and I'll create a better GIF of this play and swap this one out for it.

Here's the updated bracket, now featuring every entry in this year's tournament:

Today's vote is, as always, 24 hours, and will end at 9am on Friday morning. We'll be back this Monday with the quarterfinals!