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Boston College GIF of the Year: Octofinals, Matchup #7

The GIF of gab

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Almost done with the first round!

Yesterday's matchup of Doug Flutie against Haley Skarupa was nahttttt close. Skarupa and the BC women's hockey team smoked Flutie's Dancing With The Stars appears by an over two to one margin. That matchup was over faster than Flutie's appearance on the show.

We've just got two more Octofinals matchups to go. Here's the penultimate pair of GIFs:

Angry Daz

Strong GIF matchup today! This was probably the moment that summed up the entire BC football season (sort of like "Wide Right" last year... oof). Daz going bananas, and then having an internal struggle of whether or not to throw the headset, and then spiking it like Jeff Smith against Wake Forest, will probably go down BC lore.

Flying V

This was a big time GIF from BC hockey this season, with the Eagles going Mighty Ducks on the Minutemen. The clip went viral, with John Buccigross getting in on the action.

Here's the updated bracket:

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