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Boston College GIF of the Year: Octofinals, Matchup #6

Don't look a GIF horse in the mouth

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Oh yeah. More GIFs. How can you contain your excitement?

We had another close one yesterday -- CeeLo Daz aka Daz's F-Bomb narrowly beat out McCoshen's Bomb to advance to the quarterfinals.

Let's keep right on trucking with the next set of Octofinals GIFs. Here is today's matchup:

Dancing With The Flutie

Someone named Sgt. Tackleberry (fantastic username, by the way), showed up in our nominations post to give us this completely absurd, completely fantastic GIF. I should also point out that this person has never before posted here, and has not posted here since.

I don't know who this person is. But I want to. Good job, you.

Anyway, it's Doug Flutie on Dancing With The Stars. Awesome.

Skarupa's FF Winner

Up against Doug Flutie is arguably the biggest goal any BC Hockey player scored all season, and certainly the biggest goal anyone has ever scored for the BC Women's Hockey team this season.

Haley Skarupa's one timer from Alex Carpenter (could the goal have come from any other players?) won the game in overtime for the Eagles, sending them to their first ever national championship game.

Here's the updated bracket:

You have until 9am on Wednesday morning to vote!