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Boston College Football 2015: Ask the BCAA If There Was A Game Saturday?

Did the Athletic Department realize there was a game today?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College beat Maine on Saturday afternoon 24-3.  The Eagles didn't light the world on fire, particularly offensively, but that's OK, not sure anyone really expected it and the defense showed flashes that it can be the unit that carries the team in 2015.

The day itself, couldn't have been any nicer.  Gorgeous 76 degree day, with virtually no humidity..Chamber of Commerce stuff.

The crowd was announced at 29,262 was disappointing, but something we have become accustomed to seeing for these Labor Day/FCS games.

Did Brad Bates and the BCAA realize the season started today?

The Boston College Athletic Department has gone to great lengths to try to improve the overall game day experience, reach out to those who have supported the program with various benefits and have started to try to work their way into the Boston sports community with things like the Steve Addazio radio show on WEEI.  Unfortunately, they must not have realized their most valued asset performed today, because they put virtually no effort into the event.

Let me review some of the things I noticed today:

  • The audio speakers in our section were not functional. Interesting in that the long time PA announcer was replaced, I believe by the guy who has the same role for the Patriots.
  • The scoreboards and stat boards didn't even show team logos.  The wrap around display boards on the sidelines which show the game time and score showed the BC logo but nothing for Maine. BC played the "unknowns".
  • The flags at the top of the stadium on the garage side, showing the season's opponents were never put up.
  • The concession stand workers inside Conte Forum told customers that hot dogs were not delivered until just before halftime.
  • No security personnel patrolled the walkway behind the lower deck allowing not only people with no tickets for those areas to congregate, but a lot of drunk students with pretty foul mouths to hang out.
So can I ask the question...what were they doing all spring and summer?

It's not like Boston College doesn't have the money or apparently the interest in serving their customers, but these are things they had months to figure out and get in place and it just came across as if they didn't care.

The product on the field is something that the BCAA can't directly control, that resides in the hands of the players and the coaching staff who they hired.  The things they can control though, they failed at pretty miserably today.