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Boston College Football: Guess The Snaps. Troy Flutie Vs. Jeff Smith

Who will play the most on Saturday?

"It's not like I got an axe to grind. I just really want to watch it," Addazio said. "I'll watch the tape today and make a decision when I need to. Right now, I don't really need to. But I'm gathering all the information and taking a look at it.

The biggest story line this week has clearly been the question surrounding Steve Addazio's choice at quarterback. In one corner he has Troy Flutie, a red shirt freshmen who has more time in the system and has a solid pedigree breaking all sorts of Massachusetts passing records. In the other we have Jeff Smith, a true freshman, but a quarterback who made numerous big plays during summer practices.

Addazio as mentioned above is going to go with both quarterbacks on Saturday, but it sounds like either QB could grab the reigns if they get hot. Will that be Troy Flutie? Will that be Jeff Smith? Or will both QB's be hot and cold, and force Addazio to rotate between the two?

It's prediction time, vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section.