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The BCAA Reads BCI!

Yes, contrary to popular belief, BCI can impact Boston College athletics and Ronan Tynan came through LOUD and clear.

God Bless my ear drums
God Bless my ear drums
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

On September 6, following the Maine game, I wrote a piece asking if the Boston College Athletic Association realized the season had started.

Despite a beautiful weather day and Eagle win, the BCAA treated the game like a scrimmage.  Numerous customer amenities, audio and visual enhancements usually associated with a BC game experience were missing.  These included the audio system in my area of Alumni Stadium, as well as concession stands, the visiting team flags and even the scoreboard.

Most of that was fixed by the Howard game, but still no audio.

That a BIG way on Friday.  No, the normal speaker system above us still wasn't functional, instead the Athletic Department brought in a temporary speaker on a stand and put it right behind section D in the walkway, guarded by two staff members.

One BCAA staffer stopped at our seats and asked if this worked.  I joked with him that I had written about this on BCInterruption and he said, "I know, it wound up on my desk"!

The speaker, to say the least was loud..ear splitting, can't talk to the person next to you, get a headache loud.  When I asked why the portable speaker as opposed to just fixing the regular system, I was told that two amplifiers had blown out Friday during the day and this was the best that could be done..but they did something.

It took until the fourth quarter to get the sound adjusted correctly.  My doctor said that my hearing should be restored to normal in a month or so...but what we learned is that BCI matters!! So get your hot takes in either here or in the FanPosts never know whose desk they might end up on.