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BC Women's Basketball Heads to Italy

On August 15, Boston College Women's basketball will fly to Italy for a 10- day trip. The team has been training for the 10 days in anticipation of the trip, organized by Basketball Travelers. This is the program's first overseas trip in 4 years.

The Eagles are headed to Europe to visit the home country of teammate Martina Mosetti.
The Eagles are headed to Europe to visit the home country of teammate Martina Mosetti.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Lady Eagles are starting this season with an exciting trip. On August 15, the women's basketball program will be making their way to Italy, the homeland of sophomore guard Martina Mosetti. This trip will allow the squad to not only play basketball but also explore the European country for 10 days. The players have been training for over a week in anticipation of the voyage, which should help give them a leg up as they prepare for 2015-16.

All the players on this year's roster will be in attendance. Returning players include Alexa Coulombe, Ashley Kelsick, Ella Awobajo, Emilee Daley, Katie Quandt, Kelly Hughes, Nicole Boudreau, Martina Mosetti and Rachel Gartner. Additionally, the red-shirted transfer, Kailey Edwards will join the team abroad. Three new additions to the team, Stephanie Jones, Mariella Fasoula and Sierra Bononi will make their debut as Eagles while in Europe.

The Eagles land in Rome on Sunday the 16th and will head to Lake Como to officially begin the tour. A few of the sites on their tour include Lake Como, Venice,  the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon and Vatican City.

On August 17 the team will play German team, TK Hannover. The game will take place at the Palazzetto dello Sport in Inverigo, Italy. Their second match- up takes place two days later at the Polisportivo G. Cosaro in Montecchio. The ladies will play against Basket Montecchio Maggiore. The final game of the trip will take place of Friday the 21st against Adriatic See Sirens. The game is schedule to be held at the Palasport Hangar in Pesaro.

This is the program's first oversea trip with head Coach Erik Johnson. In the summer of 2011 the team went to France, Belgium and Amsterdam during the reign of previous coach Sylvia Crawley. The BC men have also made abroad trips part of their season preparation in years past, including a trip to Spain two summers ago.