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Boston College Media Day 2015: Steve Addazio Press Conference And Reactions

What did the head coach have to say, and what can we take away from the presser?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College held their annual media day today and head coach Steve Addazio talked with the press about the upcoming season. Unfortunately the video of the presser is not available to embed, but you can click on this link to watch the press conference in it's entirety. Thank you also to BC Football Twitter for transcribing some of the questions and answers.

"We're just trying to figure out the best combination of players right now, but there is talent out there on the field."

Like we have mentioned before on here, there are multiple position battles, glad to see he has faith in the talent on the roster.

"I'd say we have the most talented group of tailbacks in the ACC."

Addazio further praised Jon Hilliman's strength and speed, along with freshman Jordan Gowins who sounds like he could be ready to contribute this season. ESPN actually had a debate this morning on their blog asking if BC has the best group of running backs in the ACC, I have to agree that they do. There is such a talented and diverse group of running backs that Addazio is going to have a field day this season using them in a variety of ways.

"You will see a bunch of younger guys on the two-deep this year, which is exciting."

Looking at the holes in the depth chart, I was wondering who he could be referring to. Last season he had a bunch of freshman on the two deep, have to imagine they will all be back. In terms of true freshmen I have some guesses: Elijiah Robinson at backup quarterback (along with Troy Flutie), Chris Lindstrom (offensive line), Taj-Amir Torres (defensive back), and Colton Lichtenberg (kicker)

"In the not so distant future, we're going to have one of the best offensive lines in the country."

Addazio gushes about his offensive line frequently, as he should, they have done a fantastic job the past two seasons. He also has been very happy with the kids he has brought in recruiting (he pointed out Chris Lindstrom, an early enrollee), and with the additions of these kids it's pretty exciting to think of where the O-Line will go. However he still wants his group to continue to work on pass protection, something was that pretty middle of the road the past two seasons.

"We want Sherman (Alston) to be an every down player. He can't just be a jet-sweep back."

I'm sure many Boston College fans are excited to hear Addazio say this. There were a couple of games last season (Colorado State, Penn State) where he seemed to disappear. He is the most dynamic weapon on this offense, if Addazio can figure out multiple ways to incorporate him in, the offense will be that much better.

"We lost a lot of our games in the fourth quarter last year. That's where our depth is going to factor in and help us this year."

One of the most frustrating aspects of BC's last two seasons have been the Eagles inability to put a team away at the half and at the end of games. As Addazio points out, this is going to be a major point of emphasis. Looking at the defensive line for instance, Don Brown later said that last year he lacked guys to cycle in, which prevented him from running the defenses he wanted to call. This season both coaches sound like the roster is much deeper with more players to fill in at any time.

"Mike (Knoll) has shown a big leg & needs to keep improving. The freshman (Colton Lichtenberg) has had a great camp."

Sounds like Knoll still has a lot of work to do, but if he doesn't, Colton Lichtenberg sounds like he is ready to step in. Also during the press conference, Addazio called Alex Howell the best punter in the ACC. #Howell4RayGuy