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Better Know A Dude 2015: #48 Kicker Jake Wilhelm

Hasn't played yet, will 2015 be any different?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Jake Wilhelm

Position: Kicker

Number: #48

Year: Senior

Height: 5 foot 8

Weight: 152 lbs.

Hometown: Amherst, OH

High School: St. Edward

2013 Stats: Did Not Record Any Statistics

2014 Projections: BC has three kickers on the team already with Mike Knoll, Colton Lichtenberg and Alex Howell. Wilhelm hasn't played yet in a game situation so the odds he earns playing time might be pretty low at this point as he seems to be a practice squader. I imagine he will continue to play that role in 2015.

How'd He Get Here: His bio doesn't say it, but have to imagine that he is a walk on.

Twitter Feed: You can follow Jake @Chillhelm

Tweetable (he really hasn't be active on Twitter in two years):

Uniform History: There really hasn't been a lot of varsity players at BC they have worn the #48. The oldest known player to wear the number was Paul Raftery a guard out of South Boston in 1928. Ryan Utzler, BC's fullback from 1998-200 wore the number. Most recently linebacker Tyronne Pruitt wore it from 2004-2007.He shares the number with Tanner Karafa, a freshman linebacker.


Get To Know A Dude 2014: #48 Kicker Jake Wilhelm (BC Interruption)