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ACC Kickoff 2015: Five Things We Learned About Boston College Football

What did BC fans learn from this year's media day?

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ACC Kickoff 2015 has come and gone, players have returned to campus, and coaches have gone back to strategize for the upcoming season. Most of what we heard from Head Coach Steve Addazio, defensive tackle Mehdi Abdesmad and offensive lineman Harris Williams isn't anything earth shattering. But you can detect some themes regarding the upcoming season.

1. BC will continue to be a run first team: Many have hoped that Boston College would be passing the ball more, but take it directly from the Head Coach Steve Addazio "Our plan to win is to play great defense, run the football, be great at special teams and control turnovers." Will that mean that BC is going to just run the ball incessantly like in 2014? Probably not. But Darius Wade is a young player, and BC is going to do whatever possible to put him in position to be successful (again Addazio's word).

2. The media is slowly warming up to the Eagles: After two seasons of being picked to finish dead last in the ACC, the media has moved BC up to fifth. Even with a new QB and a new offensive line, the media still believes that BC is a better team than Wake Forest and Syracuse. The love for NC State though? That I'll never understand.

3. The rebuild is right on schedule: Addazio has talked for years now that getting BC into the position he envisioned them to be when he took the job. While BC certainly have games they should have won, they are still ahead of schedule according to BC. According to his masterplan, 2016 should be the season where he has everything in place to push BC to the next level. But what does that mean about 2015? It sounds like Addazio thinks seven wins will be about what we should expect "Seven wins year one and year two. As I said earlier, I felt when I came into this job, and I still feel now, those first three years were going to be in that range."

4.  Williams And Abdesmad sound ready: Both players are going to be crucial for the Eagles in 2015. Harris Williams is going to be vital in playing a leadership role on an offensive line that is very young and untested. He is extremely talented, and his health is going to be something to watch. Based off of what he said, it sounds like he should be ready soon. Mehdi Abdesmad will give BC another weapon on defense, and more importantly give them depth, which should help the defense from wearing down later in games.

5. Focus of the year, finishing games: Boston College struggled to finish off games, not a surprise of anyone who watched the games in 2014. Addazio acknowledged that was a major issue last year as well, and something that he wanted to focus on for the upcoming season. Three things will help Boston College improve in that department moving forward: improved special teams play, defensive depth that will prevent it from wilting in the fourth quarter, and more of a killer instinct on offense to put more points on the board.

Bonus: Addazio looks splendid in a melon jacket

And what Addazio says we can expect from BC?