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Boston College Football Players Address Media At 2015 ACC Kickoff

Mehdi Abdesmad and Harris Williams hold court with media

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

On day one of the ACC Kickoff, Boston College senior defensive tackle Mehdi Abdesmad and offensive lineman Harris Williams talked to the ACC media about the upcoming season. It was a brief conversation as the two used up about 8 minutes of their allotted 15 minutes of interviews. Let's take a look at what the two players had to say.

Mehdi went up first, and answered questions about coming back from his injury. He was asked about the improvement of the defense from 2013 to 2014, and he replied that it had to do with the mindset of Don Brown and Coach Steve Addazio. Of course the media wanted to know what it was like coming back from the multiple injuries he sustained; Abdesmad talked about it being difficult at first, but with the support of his family and the staff at BC it got better as the season went along. It was interesting to hear Mehdi talk about the game at Fenway Park, referring to it as a "pretty" place and that the crowd would be loud. Looking ahead to this season, he hoped to see BC finish more games, especially against teams they couldn't close out in 2014.

Next up was Harris Williams, who seemed much more comfortable at the podium (which was probably due to the fact that English is not Mehdi's first language). He joked that last year it was tough to watch the mostly upper classmen offensive line gel so well, but on the other hand he used it as a learning experience. Looking ahead to the new crew, he compared it to when Michelangelo would get a blank canvas (later saying he chose that analogy over using computer code which he thought no one would understand). He says he loves playing for BC's offense because the run is its bread and butter, which is exciting for an offensive linemen. Williams also complimented the great stable of running backs that he will be blocking for in 2015.

Williams wrapped up the press conference with words that all BC fans wanted to hear: "As a senior class we expect nothing less than a conference championship."