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Fallout 4 Coming To Boston: Questions For An Open World, Post-Apocalyptic Boston

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I'm very excite!


Fallout 4, Bethesda Game Studios's popular video game series, is back and it's heading to post-apocalyptic Boston. As a big fan of previous Fallout games -- including Fallout 3, set in Washington D.C. and Fallout: New Vegas -- I am very excited that Fallout 4 will be set in the Hub. I mean, just watch this trailer. Watch it!

Oh hell yes that's Fenway Park turned into a post-apocalyptic town named Diamond City why do you ask?

The game is set to take place in Boston and other parts of Massachusetts and New England referred to as "the Commonwealth." As many of us are familiar with the city of Boston, I'm excited to see what the next installment of the Fallout series has in store for Boston. Now Fallout's open world is unlikely to include BC's campus on the outskirts of the city limits. Still, I have questions!

  • Are travel times improved if riding the B-line into post-apocalyptic downtown Boston?
  • Did the school ever get around to building that baseball/softball complex on Brighton Campus before folks holed up for good in Vault 111?
  • What Vault-Tec bobblehead figure did the athletics department ever settle on for this coming football season?
  • If you played an outdoor ice hockey game in an irradiated Fenway Park, would the sight lines be better?
  • I'm assuming the surviving wastelanders in the areas surrounding campus still vehemently oppose any post-apocalyptic reconstruction on campus, yes?
  • And yes, you still need a wristband to get on Shea Field. Just because all of humanity has been holed up in survival shelters for 200 years doesn't mean the rules change, you guys.
  • Did the Citgo sign make it?
  • Did Vault-Tec repurpose the Newton Campus Quonset Hut as one of their vaults? That place could definitely withstand a nuclear holocaust; 9 1/2 foot basketball hoops and all.
  • You better believe Mary Ann's survived the nuclear fallout. This isn't a question. More a statement of fact.
  • Will Galaxy News Radio's Three Dog return sporting a wicked Boston accent?
  • By the year 2277, did Northeastern ever win another Beanpot?
Anyway, as you obviously tell, I'm excited for the next Fallout game heading to Boston. Now go grab an iced cold Nuka Cola and put on your favorite Ink Spots record as you patiently wait for the next installment of the series to drop, nerds.