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NFL Draft 2015: Tyler Murphy, Manny Asprilla, Josh Keyes And Bobby Vardaro Find Homes As Undrafted Free Agents

Four more Eagles in the NFL

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL drafted ended Saturday evening, with three Eagles finding homes in the NFL. However the good news continued after the draft, as four Eagles were invited to NFL camps through Undrafted Free Agent deals. Let's look at where they are heading:

Tyler Murphy: Quarterback. Pittsburgh Steelers. Probably my favorite player of 2014, Murphy was electric every time he took off with the ball. Have to imagine that Mike Tomlin will be looking to utilize that talent at a new position in 2015 at either wide receiver or running back

Bobby Vardaro: Offensive Guard. Minnesota Vikings. One of the keys to last years success on the ground, Vardaro could find himself blocking for Adrian Peterson. It'll be interesting to see if he sticks, the guard position is something that isn't valued highly in the draft, and many teams try and find a mauler like Vardaro lower in the draft and as a free agent.

Josh Keyes: Linebacker/Safety. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Keyes is a tweener, with good speed for a linebacker, and good physicality for a safety. I liked the job he did rushing the quarterback the first half of the season, but seemed to disappear later as the season progressed.

Manny Asprilla: Cornerback. San Diego Chargers. Probably BC's #1 cornerback all season, Asprilla finished the 2014 season with 56 tackles and zero interceptions.

Like all contracts in the NFL, these UDFA contracts are not guaranteed. Each of these players are going to have to bust their tails if they want to make it out of camp with a contract. Also many of these types of deals end with players ending up on the practice squad.

Best of luck to Manny, Josh, Bobby and Tyler in the NFL!