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Steve Addazio 4th Highest Paid ACC Football Coach

Boston Globe article puts Addazio at $2.6M annual salary

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The BCAA kimono opened just slightly today, when a Boston Globe article revealed that Head Football Coach Steve Addazio is tied for the 4th highest salary in the ACC at $2.6M annually per the school's 2014 tax returns.

The Dazzler's salary puts him on level footing with Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech and behind FSU's Jimbo Fisher ($3.6M), Dabo Swinney at Clemson ($3.2M) and Louisville's Bobby Petrino ($3M).

An article in the USA Today then would place Addazio 36th in the country in overall, just behind Arizona State's Todd Graham.

Interesting in that the article calls out salaries of other key BCAA staff members as highest paid employees within the university.  Steve Donahue at $1M, Brad Bates at $695K and Jerry York at $627K.  Also, BC is still on the hook for the salary of long since departed Men's Hoop Coach Al Skinner.  Skinner who spent the past season as an assistant to former Eagle guard Tim O'Shea at Bryant, made a tidy $585K for not coaching at the Heights.

BC also provides mortgage loans for all of the above save Skinner in values ranging from $150-600K.

Nice life if you can get it.

So what does this tell us about the commitment to football at BC?

Todd Graham was a guest of the weekly College Football Podcast on ESPN a few weeks ago and specifically discussed financial commitment of a university to the success of its programs.  He felt ASU had made that commitment in terms of staff salaries and facilities and paraphrasing here believed that if you want to be a to 25 program, you have to invest top 25 dollars.

BC still lacks amenities that many of their ACC and national brethren have.  A football specific indoor practice facility and a football specific outdoor practice facility in particular jump to mind, but what the financial Eagles are willing to pony up for Addazio, does show that BC is interested in winning, it's just at what level.

Now it's up to Addazio to deliver from his end.

What do you think?  Is salary alone something that proves BC's commitment to not just winning, but championship level football?