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Ranking the ACC Out Of Conference Schedules: BC Falls To Dead Last

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Not a huge surprise.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN did an interesting analysis of ACC non-conference schedules today, and predictably, the Boston College Eagles were ranked dead last. If you are curious, Clemson, Georgia Tech and Virginia have the toughest OOC schedules. To crunch their hard hitting data, ESPN split up the OOC into three different subsets based on difficulty (I guess, it wasn't really laid out or explained): 1. Against the other power conferences 2) Group of 5 (i.e MAC, Sunbelt, MWC etc.) 3). FCS.

Boston College rated low in practically everything. First off, ESPN didn't bother to rate any of the FCS games, giving all of the teams basically the same score across the board, BC earning an extra point most likely for adding Howard. Secondly, BC got a low score for a matchup in the Power 5, given that Notre Dame is expected to have a down year in 2015. Finally, BC's highest score came against the Group of 5, not surprising again given that Northern Illinois has been a pretty good MAC program over the past five years.

Of course this year's schedule allows Boston College to get pummeled in these types of ratings, and deservedly so. Scheduling two FCS schools, regardless of the reasons, is going to tank these ratings. If for whatever reason BC is in near the top of the ACC and talk of making the playoffs start, scheduling two cream puffs will kill their chances. But honestly, the odds of that happening seem slim with a team that is rebuilding. On the other hand piling on two FCS teams will give BC two easy wins, something that will help their positioning in the mid-tier bowl pecking order, which given the state of this team, should be seen as important.

In years past, BC has kept their schedule in line with their peer schools. One or two power conference game(s), one or two Group of 5 or military academy and an FCS game. BC has a daunting task ahead, as they are now fighting the clock to figure out how to fill their 2016 schedule. If the Eagles want to move past the "worst out of conference schedule" in the ACC, they are going to need act fast.