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BC Announces Notre Dame / Fenway Ticket Policy

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Better be connected and ready to pony up serious dollars to catch Eagles/Irish at Fenway

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Yesterday, the Boston College Athletic Association released an email to Flynn Fund donors outlining the policy for tickets to the BC-Notre Dame game at Fenway Park to be played on November 21.

The game is part of the Irish's Shamrock Series, where Notre Dame plays a neutral site game where they control the distribution of tickets.

Boston College, as is protocol for visiting teams for ACC games, will be given 5,000 tickets of the roughly 38,000 available. Think The Golden Ticket in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and if you are interested, pray you are Charlie.

The BCAA clearly believes there will be an unprecedented demand for these tickets and has crafted a heretofore unprecedented distribution system for these tickets. Read the story on here.

Students will have access to some as yet unknown percentage of the tickets, and from that point, it's all about your Flynn Fund donation. Access to tickets is based on tiers of donations with no one entitled to more than four tickets. The BCAA anticipates being able to fill all requests for those donating in excess of $5,000 per year. Season ticket holders who are also Flynn Fund donors will be able to enter a lottery, if there are any seats remaining, to bid on one of the precious $400 seats. Yes, you read that right...$400!

The price of the ticket itself is also unclear, but the BCAA has stated that part of this money will go toward what they are terming a seat license and gift to the Flynn Fund, but will not be counted toward your annual gift.

The Eagles have not played a football game at Fenway Park since the final game of the 1956 season: a 7-0 loss on December 1 to Holy Cross.

This marks the seventh game in the Shamrock Series beginning in 2009. Notre Dame has faced Washington State in San Antonio (2009), Army at Yankee Stadium (2010), Maryland in Landover, MD (2011), Miami in Chicago (2012), Arizona State at Jerry World (2013) and Purdue in Indianapolis (2014). The Irish are 6-0 in Shamrock Series games.

So are you interested in going to the game? Would you pay the $400 per ticket to see Eagles/Irish 2015, particularly noting it's highly likely these cherished stubs will be in the right field corner of the old ball yard?