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Pardon One Final Interruption

Saying goodbye is always tough. Saying goodbye after 7 1/2 years is even harder.

Thanks to BCMike22 for the original site logo
Thanks to BCMike22 for the original site logo

So, some good news and some bad news...

Those of you who know me personally know that for the last year, and really the last two, I've put my professional career on hold and stayed home to care for our daughter. I'm happy to report that my daughter is in a much better spot and will be heading back to preschool shortly. I'm also going back to "school," so to speak, after landing an opportunity in college athletics. I'm really excited about making the career switch from consulting to college athletics and this should be a great opportunity to stay local here in the Bay Area with my family.

Now, for the bad news.

After seven and a half years with you all here at BCI, I've decided to hang them up as editor of BC Interruption. I anticipate this job taking up a lot of my time during the day (obviously), but I personally didn't feel it would be appropriate to critique or remain critical of one athletics department while working for another.

When Jeff and I started this site back in 2007, we were just one of many voices in the BC blogosphere wanting to capture the magic of the football team's ACC Championship Game / Champs Sports Bowl run long after the season had come to a close. This site has become bigger than I ever imagined it would, and for that, I'm forever grateful to our readers, commenters and contributors.

As I'm sure you can guess, this site isn't going away; only me. Jeff will still remain active with the site, while the rest of the crew—A.J, Grant, Dan, Coach, (always lurking) Bridget, Marisa, Kwani—aren't going away either.

Jeff and I both agreed that my editorial duties will be passed to Joe Gravellese. We're both keen to have this community live on and not see the years of hard work spent building it up go to waste and remain confident that Joe is the guy to lead the next chapter of BC Interruption.

This certainly isn't goodbye. I'm sure I'll pop in and out of the comments section from time to time. You don't write about the maroon and gold for seven and a half years—including some rather lean years in football and men's basketball—without developing a serious addiction problem. And I still get my day with the Orange Eagle trophy to do body shots off that badass bird of prey's wings.

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank you all for all of your contributions in making BC Interruption what it is today. I have some decent work experience and a solid education (thanks, BC!), but my experience growing this community was truly a differentiator when it came to landing this opportunity. The job is just a really good marriage of my past work experience and my passion for college athletics and the timing was right to make the career switch.

I hope you'll remember me fondly while eating your salted soft pretzels inside the comfort of Alumni Stadium; my lasting contribution to Boston College athletics...

Ever to excel,

Please keep in touch via email, Twitter (@bfavat), carrier pigeon and whatnot.