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Boston College 66, Georgia Tech 65: THE REAL POSTGAME SHOW STARTS AT 8

Because you need instant analysis on a game that typified March Madness

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

Hell of a first day, wasn't it?

Olivier Hanlan hit the game-winning bucket with 10.9 seconds left in the game, and the Boston College defense swatted a final Georgia Tech attempt away as the Eagles defeated the Yellow Jackets, 66-65, in the first round of the ACC Tournament in Greensboro. The Eagles move on from an emotional roller coaster of a game to the second round, where fifth-seeded North Carolina awaits.

With all of the scratching and clawing on the court, it's worth talking about it, so the REAL BC postgame show will kick off at 8 PM—right here on BC Interruption! We're going to have a full roundtable ready to go: Brian Favat is in the house, and we're going to have CoachJF joining us to talk about the x's and o's. There's also a vicious rumor that Jeff Martyn is going to dust off his analyst hat and join us for a foursome could probably beat pretty badly on a golf course.

So jump on board when we tip off with full coverage and analysis at 8 PM. Give us a call for your thoughts at 646-200-0446.


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