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Boston College Hockey vs. Merrimack: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Can the Eagles bounce back with a win tonight at Lawler?

The Heights

Following Tuesday night's disappointing Beanpot loss to Northeastern, the Boston College Eagles get back at it tonight at Merrimack, with two huge Hockey East points up for grabs.

#12 Boston College Hockey vs. #18 Merrimack: Warriors
Friday, February 6, 2015, 7:00 PM, Lawler Arena

Streaming/Radio Info game notes


Obligatory Game Day Pump Up GIF/Video

Whenever BC plays Merrimack, it's time to bust out this gem, as required by law.


Joe Gravellese

Boston College 2, Merrimack 0

Well, I've sort of been circling this game as a "trap game" loss all year, but now that BC has been bounced from the Beanpot I think the trap game potential is severely diminished. It's never easy to win at Merrimack and this will be no exception. However, the Warriors have been scuttling a little bit in the last couple of weeks, and BC has mostly played well (with Tuesday night being a glaring exception). I see BC playing yet another deliberate, conservative game, Demko holding strong, and the Eagles squeaking out the win.

The key line tonight, as it has been for most games in 2015, is the line of Tuch, Sanford and Gilmour. They will need to do something they didn't really do much of on Tuesday night: use their size and skill to establish possession and put in a series of good, solid, cycling shifts.

Grant Salzano

Boston College 4, Merrimack 0

We are overdue for an easy win. Even if it is at Merrimack.

Kwani Lunis

Boston College 2, Merrimack 1

Brian Favat

Boston College 4, Merrimack 2

A new winning streak begins tonight at Lawler MDC.

New Guy

Boston College 4, Merrimack 2

Lawler is still the fourth best rink in Atlantic Hockey.

AJ Black

Boston College 3, Merrimack 2


A look at last week's predictions

On Monday, the game was to pick the score of each of the two Beanpot semifinals. Unsurprisingly, we all got the BC-NU score wrong as every contributor predicted a BC victory (womp womp). Almost everyone picked BU to advance past Harvard, so it all comes down to the final score prediction. Our scoring format is 5 points for predicting the result correctly, minus one point you're off by on the goal differential (so picking 2-0 when it was 5-4 loses you one point), plus 1 point for each team's score you get exactly right.

The end result was a 3-way tie. BU won 4-3. CoachJF and I both picked BU to win 4-2, so we got 5 points each. Grant also got 5 points for saying BU would win 6-5.

Upon Further Review... airforce987 pegged the BU result spot-on - 4-3 - so he wins for the week.

Prediction standings

With another three-way tie, things are getting decimal-pointy at the top:

Brian 3.66
AJ 3
Joe Grav 2.83
BCMike22 1.66
New Guy 1.66
Grant 1
AirForce987 1

BCJacket5 1
Airforce987 0.5
Enzo 0.33
Beerfart 0.33


Leave your thoughts and predictions on tonight's game below.