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Boston College Hockey vs. Vermont: Final Thoughts and Predictions

It's Crunch Time

BC Athletics

Following Tuesday night's disappointing Beanpot loss to Northeastern, the Boston College Eagles get back at it tonight at Merrimack, with two huge Hockey East points up for grabs.

#11 Boston College Eagles vs.
#19 University of Vermont Catamounts

Game 1 Friday, 7:30 PM
Game 2 Saturday: 4:30 PM

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Statistical Preview game notes


Obligatory Game Day GIF/Video

BC played Vermont in the 2013 Hockey East quarterfinals after Vermont's poor season mired them in the cellar. This was an interesting game in that it featured goals by Brooks Dyroff and Cam Spiro as part of the win. BC was banged up at the time so more guys had to chip in for the team to succeed.


Joe Gravellese

Boston College 3, Vermont 2
Boston College 6, Vermont 1

The logical part of my brain says these will probably both be tight, low-scoring games. But the irrational side of my head is longing for a game where BC lashes out and fills up the back of the net. They looked like they were on their way to that kind of a performance last week at Merrimack before the game got all topsy-turvy in the second period. So that's what I'm hoping for for 60 minutes on one of these two nights.

At the end of the day, as long as they get the points I don't really care how they do it, though.

Grant Salzano

Boston College 3, Vermont 0
Boston College 3, Vermont 1

Kwani Lunis


Brian Favat

Boston College 4, Vermont 2
Boston College 3, Vermont 1

New Guy

Boston College 4, Vermont 1
Boston College 5, Vermont 2

AJ Black



A look at last week's predictions

In a special women's hockey edition, CoachJF nailed the final score of the women's Beanpot, pegging Harvard as a 3-2 winner. Goddamnit.

    Prediction standings

    Brian 4.66

    AJ 3
    Joe Grav 2.83
    BCMike22 1.66
    New Guy 1.66
    Grant 1
    AirForce987 1

    BCJacket5 1
    CoachJF 1
    Airforce987 0.5
    Enzo 0.33
    Beerfart 0.33


    Leave your thoughts and predictions on the series below.