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#CountdownToJY1K: November 14, 2013 - BC Wins On Rightly Wrongly Disallowed Goal

UMadd, bro?

bc interruption

On November 14, 2013, Johnny Gaudreau and Kevin Hayes kept rolling toward their stellar seasons with a goal apiece as the Boston College Eagles topped UMass 2-1 at the Mullins Center. The win improved BC to 7-2-1 on the season and capped off a 5-game winning streak.

The most memorable incident from this game, as you'll see in the YouTube highlights below, was a disallowed UMass goal that ended up leading to a Hockey East rule change. With BC up 2-1 in the third period, UMass broke in and scored what looked to be a game-tying goal. Upon review, UMass was clearly offsides and the goal was disallowed. However, the goal technically shouldn't have been reviewable at all.

Hockey East implemented a rule change for the 2013-14 season that, for reasons unbeknownst to me, allowed video reviews of goals in situations like this one only if the game was being broadcast on actual TV, as opposed to this game, which was webstreamed, but had the web stream picked up by local television. Apparently, that didn't count. Why this was the case has never really been explained. But, Jerry York called timeout after the goal and asked the refs to review the goal, vehement in his belief that offsides before a goal was now a reviewable play. He was right, but only sort of.

In the aftermath of this game, Joe Bertagna apologized, saying that the officials were wrong to disallow the goal and that offsides should not have been reviewable in this situation. It was a pretty amusing moment as they felt compelled to apologize for getting the call right... of course, in Hockey East fashion, something had to be done wrong to get to the right conclusion.

For the next season, the rule was changed and all goals could be reviewed for all potential infractions, including offsides and too many men on the ice, regardless of whether the game was on TV or not.

Below, enjoy the sad sad sounds of UMass's announcers feeling hard done by as BC comes back to win and the UMass goal gets disallowed: