ESPN Calls BC The Power 5's Toughest Recruiting Job

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

I came across this link today on ESPN

College Football's Easiest to Toughest Recruiting Jobs

It ranks all 65 power 5 jobs in terms of recruiting difficulties based on a few different factors that are laid out in the article. It was interesting to see a cumulative list like this comparing teams across conferences. There are links to go more in depth for each team specifically but that is ESPN insider stuff.

BC comes in last at 65th place among power 5 teams, which was surprising to me. I know that we have our geographic struggles (among other things) but I didn't expect to see us at dead last.

Unsurprisingly, Florida State is the top team from the ACC at number 8 with Clemson close behind at number 13.

Any thoughts on our 65th place finish?