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Three Stars of the Week: The Record-Breaking Alex Carpenter Takes Top Spot

Lots of choices this week despite men's basketball's struggles

BC Athletics

This was possibly the most wide open balloting for the Three Stars this week, with everyone submitting a completely different ballot and with six different people receiving first place votes. Despite the men's basketball team's struggles, there was a lot to cheer.

#1 Star: Alex Carpenter, women's hockey. 11 points, 1 first place vote

The most dominant player in college hockey set the Hockey East scoring record this weekend, all while putting up a casual line of 2-4--6 in two games. Carpenter has surged back past Kendall Coyne for the national lead in scoring and seems to be on track toward the possibility of winning another Patty Kazmaier award.

#2 Star: Matt Gaudreau, men's hockey. 7 points, 2 first place votes

Gaudreau continues to be an awesome story for the Eagles. On Sunday, he notched the game winner to cap off BC's comeback win over Northeastern.

#3 Star: Mariella Fasoula, women's basketball. 6 points, 1 first place vote

Fasoula led BC in scoring last week as they went to Purdue and took down the Boilermakers in a mild upset in the ACC/B1G Challenge.

--Honorable Mentions--

t#4 Nicole Boudreau, WBB - Boudreau hit the last minute three to hand BC the win over Purdue
t#4 Ryan Fitzgerald, MH - Fitzgerald's shorthanded goal thrust BC back in to the game on Sunday, and he added an assist on the GWG  
t#4 The BC medical staff. Naturally.
t#7 Alex Kapp, men's soccer - Kapp's heroics between the pipes kept BC in the game on Saturday despite the fact that the Eagles were dramatically outshot by Syracuse.
t#7 Johncarlos Reyes, M basketball - had his best game so far on Sunday when he unexpectedly got the start due to Clifford's illness.

Updated Three Stars of the Year Standings

The fans joined the staff in voting for Trevor Davock last week.

Alex Carpenter extends her lead in the Star of the Year race. Gaudreau moves in to a tie for 2nd with McKenzie Meehan.

1. Alex Carpenter, 12 points (3 staff wins) (1 fan win)
t2. Matt Gaudreau, 8 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t2. McKenzie Meehan, 8 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
4. Simon Enstrom, 6 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t5. Bobby Swigert, 4 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t5. Zeiko Lewis, 4 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t5. Eli Carter, 4 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
8. Trevor Davock, 5 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
9. Teddy Doherty, 4 points
t10. Kam McLain, 3 points (1 staff win) 
t10. Thadd Smith, 3 points (1 staff win)
t10. Eryn McCoy, 3 points (1 staff win)
t10. Makenna Newkirk, 3 points (1 staff win)

t14. Harold Landry, 3 points (1 fan win)
t14. Thatcher Demko, 3 points (1 fan win)

t14. Steven Daniels, 3 points (1 fan win)
t17. John Johnson, 2 points

t17. AshLeigh Sebia, 2 points
t17. Emily McCoy, 2 points

t17. Colin White, 2 points

t17. Jerome Robinson, 2 points

t22. The entire BC football defense, 1 point (1 fan win)
t22. Alex Howell, 1 point (1 fan win)
t24. Tyler Rouse, 1 point
t24. Jeff Smith, 1 point
t24. Katty Workman, 1 point
t24. Kevin Kavalec, 1 point
t24. Austin Cangelosi, 1 point

t24. Kelcie Hromisin, 1 point

t24. Miles Wood, 1 point
t24. Justin Simmons, 1 point
t24. Haley Skarupa, 1 point
t24. Mariella Fasoula, 1 point

Who was your #1 star this week? Leave your thoughts below.