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REPORT: Eight Boston College Basketball Players Sick With E. Coli; Reportedly All Ate At Chipotle

Breaking news from BC basketball after a health scare spreads through BC

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports


There aren't too many things that could soften the blow of a loss to UMass-Lowell in the sport of basketball, but we may have something. BC coaches have confirmed that the food poisoning that caused a handful of players to miss yesterday's game was actually E.coli. A BC coach followed up to say that "there are 8 players on the team confirmed to have E.coli."

BC Interruption has also learned that moments ago, Boston College's university medical staff sent out a campus-wide email notifying students and faculty that there are numerous people on campus that caught E.Coli from the Chipotle restaurant in Cleveland Circle. Chipotle has been under fire nationally for contributing to an E.Coli outbreak.

Obviously this is a serious situation and more serious than anything that will happen on the basketball court. That being said the status of all players impacted by the nasty bacteria still have a status that remains uncertain for the Providence game Wednesday night.

We will update this story with more information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: A source from the BC staff confirmed that there are 10 players on the roster with "stomach issues". Eli Carter is still recovering from an ankle injury which makes 11 BC players unable to practice. The team cancelled practice today but is hopeful that enough players will be feeling better tomorrow to be able to practice.

UPDATE: The Heights' Michael Sullivan reports on the following email alert that was sent out to BC athletes earlier today.