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Boston College Football Post Mortem: The High Point Of 2015

Were there any highlights this season?

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston College football season is over, so let's take a look at some of the highlights this year. Tomorrow we will be looking at the lowlights.

AJ: This is really tough since the season was filled with disappointment. My high point of the season had to be the stop the defense made against Notre Dame after Sherm Alston's fumble. BC was on the verge of completely falling apart, all ND had to do was move the ball three yards and the game was over, but they stripped the Irish running back and Justin Simmons saved the game. That being said, BC still lost, so it didn't really matter, but still a great moment for that defense.

Dan: I might get crucified for saying this, but I really believed BC was going to beat Florida State. There was a time when I thought Darius Wade should've been pulled during that game, but I felt like BC had a chance to pick off FSU throughout that entire game. It was one of those cases where I felt one defensive turnover would help tilt the game back in favor of BC, and then all of a sudden, they're tying things up. With the emotion of the night, I really felt like they had such a great chance to win that game. Throughout that game, nobody could've expected the offensive struggles to be what they turned out to be all season long.

Joe: The high point... yikes... I don't know if there even was one. I'll echo AJ and agree that some of those turnovers against ND were the highpoints, because they gave hope for a long time that BC might win that game. That was the only thing that could have really salvaged the season. Of course, the goodwill from that game was squandered in the Cuse loss.

Arthur: The National Anthem for the game against Maine was nice. In all seriousness, the BC defense was phenomenal this year. Any time that they were on the field, it was fun to watch.