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UMass Lowell 68, Boston College 66: Video Highlights


Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when BC basketball was 3-0, and there was some small level of confidence that they were on the right track in the rebuilding process? Yeah, about that. On Sunday, BC added UMass-Lowell to the long list of local, lower-tier conference programs that they have managed to lose to in recent years, on top of luminaries like Bryant, BU and Maine. This is a pretty low point for them and there's really no excuse to lose this game, even with a few players sick or banged up. Here are the highlights, if you really feel compelled to watch.

Boston College basketball's next game is Wednesday night on the road against Providence College, a local team that is decidedly very good. In the span of a week this went from marginally interesting measuring stick game, to a game where you really hope they can just keep it close and competitive. Sports are weird, though, so we'll see if we have any pleasant surprises in store for us on Wednesday night.