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Game Thread: Boston College Soccer at Syracuse (2:00 PM)

The Eagles look to advance to the NCAA College Cup today as they take on Syracuse in the Elite Eight

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Boston College Eagles (11-7-2, 4-5-0 ACC) @ Syracuse Orange (15-5-3, 6-4-2 ACC)

Time: 2:00 PM
Date: Saturday, December 5, 2015
Place: SU Soccer Stadium, Syracuse, N.Y. 

Radio: none

Official Boston College Twitter Feed: @BC_MSoccer
Official RIT Twitter Feed: @SUMensSoccer

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Pairwise Rankings: BC #15, SU #3
Team Offense: BC #75 (1.50 goals per game)... SU #18 (1.96 goals per game)
Team Defense: BC #114 (1.29 goals allowed per game)... SU #42 (0.93 goals allowed per game)

Excitement Level: 9/10: I don't really have a witty comment to connect with this GIF of Amy Poehler using oranges as eyes, but here you go.

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Will you be watching today as BC Soccer looks to advance to the Final Four? Follow along with us! Send us your thoughts. Leave a comment here or interact with us on twitter over at @bcinterruption. Let's go Eagles!